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Skills4aid strengthens the skills of local African structures and supports them in accessing funding for humanitarian and development aid that is as local as possible.

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Platform Skills4aid 

The skills4aid platform brings together African civil society organizations, students and graduates keen to play an active role in development aid and humanitarian work in Africa.

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Funding local projects

Skills4aid NGO directly funds development and humanitarian projects developed and implemented by associations, NGOs and other civil society organizations in Africa. These local structures are selected and evaluated by Skills4aid. Skills4aid supports the funded organization in the financial management, evaluation and reporting of the project. We ensure that the funding is properly managed and allocated to the project.

Donors have direct access to local structures and projects to be funded.
Each structure that has passed due diligence has a blue v visible on its profile.

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Skills4aid Services

Tailored, results-oriented services.

Skills4aid brings together competent consultants to support local authorities and civil society organizations in taking effective action in the humanitarian and development sectors in Africa.

We support you assess your structure and be ready for due diligence.

We support you in developing your skills and those of your structure.

We support you in concluding equitable partnerships and consortiums.

We support you in mobilizing high-quality human and financial resources to effectively implement programs with sustainable impact.

Tailored services

Organizational diagnosticPartnershpTrainingCoaching


In-house and remote coaching.

Improve your institutional skills with individual or group coaching sessions.
For national and local public institutions and CSOs

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Assess your organization's institutional/organizational capabilities with the support of expert coaches in security, governance, accountability, financial management, project management, external relations, fundraising, human resources and logistics.

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Our coachs

Our coaches have solid experience in humanitarian and development contexts. Each expert has one or more areas of expertise to support you in strengthening the institutional/organizational capacity of your structure. They are familiar with both the public and private sectors. They are familiar with international organizations, NGOs and companies. Our coaches have successfully built equitable strategic partnerships for development and humanitarian aid. They have excellent knowledge of financial resource mobilization.

We also have coaches specialized in professional development to boost your career.


Civil Society Organisations

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Skills4Aid brings a plus, in particular:

  • Assessment tool developed in close collaboration with the national structures of 7 African countries.
  • Effective partnership-oriented evaluation.
  • Support for partnerships through individualized coaching in the professional environment of the structure and / or remotely.
  • Experts with knowledge of the language, political, security and socio-economic context of the African countries they cover.


The increase in the number of shocks, their severity and duration; In particular, epidemics, armed conflicts and natural disasters further weaken low-income countries. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the global economy is expected to contract sharply in 2020, its worst recession since the Great Depression.

Africa alone will not be able to cope with these shocks. International structures are finding it increasingly difficult to act directly in Africa, in particular because of insecurity, health risk, and the cost of international action. National structures are better placed to respond as quickly as possible to the needs of the populations with whom they are in proximity and share the same culture and the same language. In addition, expenses in logistics and human resources are reduced.

Even more than yesterday, inclusive partnerships are necessary for an efficient humanitarian response and a sustainable and successful development agenda. Partnerships built on principles and values, a common vision and common objectives which place populations at the center of actions, are necessary at the global, regional, national and local levels.

To promote partnerships, it is necessary to establish a climate of trust in national structures. Companies and NGOs must be credible in the eyes of the public and potential partners.


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